If You Must Choose Sides

I know some of you might be saying after reading my other posts, that it is impossible to walk through life without having to feel the affects of taking sides. So here is my advice to you. If you must choose a side, that is against racism or sexism. I suggest that you always, always *always* take the side of sexism. Gasp, I know black men everywhere and some brainwashed black women are probably calling me a traitor but to be honest it is more likely that gains against sexism will affect you before gains against racism will.” I repeat, It is more likely that gains against sexism will affect you before gains against racism will.

Here is why. NO matter how far black people as a people come, there is still something stopping you, black women, from going so far. Its the glass ceiling and NO it doesn’t *just* affect white women. It affects you too. Look at it this way. Even though there is black man in the oval office and that has helped black people, he is still not a woman so he does NOT care about your issues. Issues that are more closely relate able to gender rather than race. See, If affirmative actions helps black people get a job. That’s great but as a woman you still have to contend with the fact that you will only get so far as a woman you WILL hit the glass ceiling. While a black man someday earn equal pay when racism affects people less but you will still be categorized as a woman. And that will still and truly FUCK YOU OVER.  Not to mention. Black Men are still men! In any race Men, including the great black man, no matter what he tries to convince you, is still capable of screwing you over simply because he is a man. Sexism exists in the black community and until that is heard black women will NOT have a voice. So if you have to choose go with sexism. Because as I have learned from my awesome sister. It is always in the end going to somehow become Men vs. Women. and as women we can’t afford to lose anymore ground. No matter how many  times race comes up, no matter how much black men  fight with white men. Somehow they can both always come together to screw over women.  Finally I just want to leave you with something to think about. When America finally become “post racial” and I don’t think we are there yet but might have chance to be. Gender will always be an issue.


One thought on “If You Must Choose Sides

  1. I agree and learned this the hard way. Black women need to fight for themselves because when it comes to Black community issues, men’s issues come first. The men don’t want to help us unless it benefits them in some way. Many don’t support women having any power and want use to look to them as leaders instead of us becoming leaders. I have to agree. Before I got into blogging I would have disagreed but my experience has shown me that men just don’t want to support women or have them as their leaders.

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