Walking Away From the “Feminist Community”

This is a hard topic for me to address, because for years I actually fancied myself a feminist before I started to see reason. The reason why I walked away was for two reasons, 1. I didn’t like the direction that feminism to day has gone and 2. I realized no matter what direction feminism goes it won’t go very far. There are too many schisms in feminism too many different perspectives and so far women have let competition with each other for men, and racism and among other things stop the movement from going further. For example, when black women bring up their problems to the feminist community much like in the black community their problems are diverted back to the “more pressing” issues. White women feel they cannot do anything because it’s a black issue or they feel uncomfortable talking about race so it gets swept under the rug. Much like sexism gets swept under the rug with black men.

As a black woman, I can’t say many of the “feminist” causes have actually helped black women rather than hurt them.  Aside from women gaining the right to vote and  somewhat equal pay (which is still unequal because I am black and a woman) I cannot think of anything that has directly affected me. Although there are more indirect benefits to be had in this community rather than the black community. Still,  It wasn’t until a while ago, when I started reading about Slut Walks that I realized how far away I actually was from the feminist community. Here white women are fighting to reclaim the word ‘slut’ when black women have been pushing that away for years. (More on slut walks later)   I realized then. These “rights” are hurting me. I’m not going to do it.  White women (and other groups of women) can handle it themselves.

I have to say that for black women, if you want to successfully live as black women. You need to stop trying to fight the good fight for racism and sexism both groups of people black men and white women have enough man power to fight for things themselves. If they don’t, that is not your problem. You must walk away. If you don’t its like giving both groups (and everyone else) the bullet that’s going to go into your head. Ultimately you have to realize that you are fighting for two groups who are basically stepping on and hurting you  to get to the top whether they realize it or  not.  You must accept that you are on you own. That is truly the first step towards living a healthy and happy life.


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